Cancellations for Saturday 3 February

All Metro uncovered grades are cancelled except for Presidents, 3A Men, 3B Men, 4A Men Section 1 grades.
All covered grades are still on.

Please note the following ground changes:

2a Men

Syd v Ricc moves to Burn 4


BWU v Sum moves to Burn 5a

LP v MP Identity Signs moves to Warr 1a

Horn v STA moves to Warr 2a

Syd Card v ES-OBC Gold moves to Warr 3a

Syd Hospital v MP Accessman moves to Warr 4a

3A Men

OBC v Hals moves to Polo 1a

BWU v ES moves to Polo 2a

Rich v Sum moves to Polo 3a

Ricc v MH moves to Polo 4a

3B Men

SD v Heath moves to Hansen 1a

Nb v MH moves to South New Brighton Domain 1a

Syd v ES moves to Polo 5a

4A Men Section 1

Ricc v City Eagles moves to Polo 6a

MH v Rich Gold moves to Walter 1a

Prebbleton v Mp Rebels moves to Parklands 1a

The Wanderers v Scots Raiders moves to Bower 1a

Each team must provide one unit of spring-loaded stumps.


No spiked footwear permitted on artificial surfaces.