Congratulations to the two Christchurch Metro Junior Magicians teams for the 2017/18 season.  These teams will play in the Canterbury Junior Magicians Regional Tournament held at Dudley Park, Rangiora from Wednesday 21 to December and Friday 22 December 2017.  

The two teams are as follows;

Christchurch Metro Red

Jaimee Cartwright
Lily Collier
Sydnee Edwards
Harriet Fletcher
Phoebe Fortune
Abby Gerken
Kate Hastings
Joey Hull
Boadicea Lynch
Eliza McIntosh
Alana Topping

Christchurch Metro Black

Fanchea Molony
Piper Bartram
Lila Bradley
Molly Dunlop
Georgia Edge
Emily Glennie
Casey Liddington
Lucy Murray
Rosie Pentecost
Brydie Washington