Christchurch Metro Cricket have named its Red and Black teams for the final week of the Quad series to be played on Sunday 22 October.

Christchruch Black play Canterbury Country at Mainpower Oval and Christchurch Red play the Canterbury Senior Performance Squad at Burwood Park.

Christchurch Metro Red

David Wakefield (Old Boys Collegians)
Tim Hampton Matehe (East Shirley)
Jeff Case (Old Boys Collegians)
Jeremy Duncan (East Shirley)
Hamish Teale (East Shirley)
Dan Freeman (Marist Harewood)
Daniel Stanley (Old Boys Collegians)
Andrew Hazeldine (Lancaster Park)
Angus Hamilton (Lancaster Park)
Angus Harman (Burnside West)
Josh Peake (Burnside West)

Coach – Adam Hastilow

Christchurch Metro Black

Michael Davidson (Lancaster Park)
Alistair Burnett (Lancaster Park)
Nick Kwant (Riccarton)
Tom Taylor (Old Boys Collegians)
Matt Hay (Burnside West)
Scott Duggan (Lancaster Park)
Jack Turner (Riccarton)
Blake Coburn (Burnside West)
Mitch Gardner (Sydenham)
Trev Garrett (Riccarton)
Brayden Gardner (Sydenham)

Coach - Keryn Ambler