New Zealand Cricket have created an online course around the laws of cricket, specifically aimed at the grassroots levels or parent level and as a coach, you can now also complete parts of the Foundation and Advanced Foundation Courses online.


  1. Umpiring Module:

The new starter umpires module is complete and available. This is designed to give mums and dads a very basic level of knowledge to give them confidence in managing junior cricket games.

Firsly go to the umpires and scorers page first using the following link

There is then a further link within this page which takes you to the landing page where you can log in to take the module.


  1. Foundation Coaching Module:

Firstly go to the coaches to the ‘coaching corner’ page to get some background coaching information first.

There is a foundation link which then takes coaches to the landing page as above.

Once the online component is completed you will here from Keryn Ambler of Christchurch Metro Cricket about the next stage.