The Christchurch Metro Cricket season is less than two months from getting underway and with a number of new intiatives being introcuded this season, there is a great deal to look forward too.

At the top club level, a new Twenty20 competition is being introduced involved Premier Clubs, Senior A Clubs and school teams.  In the 2A and 2B grades, teams will be playing a new time cricket format, with 18 teams battling to make it to the top six in the second half of the season.

There will be a limit of eight teams per grade in the social afternoon competitions and the social Twenty20 Cavaliers grade will split into different sections from the outset.

With womens' cricket, the city has been split into four zones, with clubs working closely together within the zones to ensure pathways are in place.

There are cricket clubs based all over Christchurch, who cater for all ages and abilities.

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