The Petersen Shield is a trophy awarded to the Premier club who is most consistent across the grades.

Petersen Shield 2015-16
STA 7.08
Syd 6.32
LPW 6.2
BWU 6.13
MH 5.64
Ricc 5.32
OBC 5.1
ES 4.33

The Walter Hadlee Trophy is awarded to the Premier men's team who shows the most consistency in dress, punctuality and attitude

BWU 1287
Ricc 1277
STA 1275
OBC 1271
LPW 1268
ES 1259
Syd 1250
MH 1183

The Umpires Trophy is awarded to the Senior A team who shows the best dress, puncuality and sportsmanship

Halswell   88.1
Sumner   91.9
Heathcote 81.2
Merivale Papanui 78.1
Richmnod 74.5
Addington 74
Southern Districts 73.7
New Brighton 71.4


The Melhuish Shield is a trophy which clubs combine two teams at the start of the season and teams gain points based on performances during the year

St Albans 2A/2B 182
Marist Harewood 3B/4B 175
Merivale Papanui Senior A/Presidents 166
Marist Harewood 3A/4A 158
Sydenham Premier/2A 153
St Albans Premier/Presidents 152
Lancaster Park Woolston Premier/2A 151
Sumner Senior A/3B 149
Burnside West Premiers/Presidents 144
Sydenham 3A/Twenty20 140