1.  Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket Annual General Meeting 2014

The 2nd Annual General Meeting of Christchurch Metro Cricket will be held in Christchurch at the CMCA offices at 81 Buchanans Road on 14th October, 2013 at 6pm.

2.  Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket President

Trevor Luke has completed two years as President.  In accordance with our Body of Rules, the President may be appointed for a third year as determined by the AGM.  The CMCA Board wishes to nominate Trevor Luke as President for the forthcoming season.

3.    Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting will be required to elect two Directors.   Two current members, Bruce Findlay and Matt Harrington are retiring by rotation.  Matt will not be standing and Bruce will be standing again. 

Nominations are required for the position of Christchurch Metro Cricket Board Directors as per the timelines below.

By 1st September 2014: Call for nominations for Christchurch Metro Cricket Board Directors from Members

19th September 2014:  Nominations for Christchurch Metro Cricket Board Directors to be received on the nomination form provided

24th September Nominations circulated to members

4.  Notices of Motions

The deadline for any notices of motion for the AGM to be received by Christchurch Metro Cricket– 5pm on 1st October 2014

5.  Voting Delegates

All voting delegates to be confirmed by 5pm on 10th October 2013

All voting delegates (and proxy votes) to be confirmed in writing to Mike Harvey at Christchurch Metro Cricket.