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Changes for Saturday 8 March cricket

Owing to rain-effected pitches and the inability of grounds staff and City Care to prepare multi pitches, there will be a large number of ground changes.

All Adult two-day grades are as originally drawn.

Note that 3B Men, 3C Men and 4B Men have different start times and are playing the Twenty20 format.

All other Adult grades have been moved to artificial pitches.

Stumps will be supplied at Hospital Corner, Polo Grounds and Straven Rd.

Please note that each team on other grounds must supply a set (one unit) of artificial stumps

No spiked shoes are to be worn on this surface.

All Youth cricket is cancelled except for 1st XI Grade and Year 9 Section 1. The Year 9 matches have been moved to artificial pitches and these schools have been informed.


3A Men

Predators v ES to Straven 2a
OBC Team Boon v Rich to Straven 3a
Syd v Hals to Aranui HS 1a
Horn v MP to St Bedes 4a
Sum v Nb to St Bedes 5a

3B Men - T20

12.30pm MP v Mar Har White to HC 1a
12.30pm Sum v LPW to HC 2a
12.30pm Syd All Stars v BWU Brawlers to HC 3a
12.30pm Syd Goats v ES to HC 4a
12.30pm BWU Mariners v OBC to HC 5a
12.30pm Mar  Har Green BWU Canons to HC 6a

3C Men - T20

3.30pm Add v STA to HC 1a
3.30pm Preb v Nb to HC 2a
3.30pm South D Pythons v Syd Card to HC 3a
3.30pm OBC V South D Originals to HC 4a

4A Men

MP Calv v Mar Har RR to Sheldon 1a
SD Black v Riverside to Bower 1a
Nb v Number 4 to S New Brighton 1a
LPW v MP Grant to Burnside 5a
SD Gold v Add to Warr 1a
Rich v The Buffaloes to Walter 1a

4B Men - T20

12.30pm Mar Har Scots Raiders to Warr 2a
12.30pm Nb v Add to Warr 3a
12.30pm City Eagles v Heath to Warr 4a
3.30pm MP Constr v Park to Warr 2a
3.30pm Rich v MP LBJ to Warr 3a
3.30pm The Wanderers v STA to Warr 4a


BWU v Syd Card to Polo 1a
Buccaneers v Horn to Polo 2a
ES Blue v STA to Polo 3a
Syd Hosp v ES Gold to Polo 4a


Heath Roundheads v Syd to Cath Coll 1a
Ricc Hogs v Upr to HC 8a
Mar Har v Park to Parklands 1a
Heath Nomads v STA Gold to Cashmere HS 1a
STA Blue v Pirates to Kyle 1a

Premier Women

Syd v LPW to Straven 6a
STA v OBCC to Elm 3a

Div 1-2

Syd v STA to Burn Primry School 1a
ES v Ash Coll to Shirl Inter Scholl 1a
OBCC Gold v OBCC Navy to Heaton St School 1a

Social Women

STA v Ricc to Chch South Inter School 1a